Natural Front is a Paradigm Shift in 3D Facial Animation

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The last couple of decades in particular have seen a resurgence in the field of animation. Animated movies aimed to capture both the attention of children and adults have made billions of dollars for companies that are household names such as Pixar and the infamous Disney Corporation. This renaissance has been so successful that animation is now a massive global industry, worth over $200 billion in 2012.

Much of this resurgence can be attributed to 3D animation, as sophisticated computer graphics and modelling techniques have reinvigorated the animation genre, enabling 3D facial animation to be achieved with incredible realism. Of course, while such techniques are well within the price range of the likes of Disney and Pixar, anyone involved in animation will be well aware that realistic 3D character animation does not come cheap, and that the process can be both laborious and difficult to carry out.

Thus, both professional and amateur animators alike will be delighted to learn of Natural Front’s technology, which offers powerful 3D modelling technology at a very competitive and affordable price. In addition, compared to traditional approaches to 3D animation, the technology which Natural front offers allows businesses and professionals to radically save time.



Natural Front’s approach to 3D character animation is both intuitive and innovative. Our animation technology enables animators to completely bypass some of the techniques most traditionally associated with 3D animation software. Such common 3D animation techniques as 3D rigging, morphing targets, and blending shapes are superseded by Natural Front’s cheaper, faster 3D animation technology, at least with regard to 3D facial animation.

Though these traditional techniques are by no means obsolete, and still have a place within 3D animation in many different facets of contemporary 3D character modelling, Natural Front’s revolutionary technology particularly focuses on 3D facial animation at present, providing a package that delivers impressive and realistic 3D facial animation, and at a very affordable price. And by sidestepping some of the techniques that are typically involved in 3D animation software, we are able to deliver a package that will enable you to create animation of quality in a much shorter timeframe than was possible previously. What is more, because of the revolutionizing 3D technology, Natural Front is able to improve the software at a much faster pace, and at a much lower cost, than other providers stick to traditional modeling and animation. 

Currently, NaturalFront's software release mainly targets small-to-medium professional studios, indie developers and educational institutes, if you’re one of them and eagerly looking for the best 3D facial animation software on the market then you’ve come to the right place. Natural Front’s 3D face animation software not only delivers good 3D animation that you suits your needs, but also makes the process extremely easy, and does it at a price that will suit your wallet.

Curve-Controlled-Modeling - Revolutionizing 3D Animation Technology

clock September 3, 2013 18:19 by author christpaul

The Natural Front software package is able to deliver 3D facial animation for 3D characters in a way that delivers superb standards in terms of results, yet greatly reduces the amount of time required to render these highly complex 3D facial animation models. And, in addition, crucially in these austere times, it delivers this extremely attractive package at a price point that will suit the most frugal of budgets. So the question can you deliver realistic 3D facial animation faster and cheaper?

Natural Front takes advantage of a completely new form of 3D character animation software, which makes the process of creating 3D facial animations considerably easier and more efficient. This new technique which is incorporated into the Natural Front package is referred to as ‘curve-controlled modeling’. 

Without getting into all of the complex underlying technicalities involved in this technology, curve-controlled modeling enables 3D animators to create highly realistic facial animations by using a modeling tool known as a ‘NURBS curve’ which essentially acts as a control mechanism that enables animators to closely simulate muscle movements. Before the invention of this technology, rational curves were used in computer animation with applications limited to traditional methods of creating surfaces, key framing and setting motion paths. However, this invention uses the inherent properties of rational curves to highly effectively model the movement of muscles, such as getting your face expressed and talked. As stated in the patent spec, “the present invention represents a new paradigm in quantitative simulation and animation and is dramatically different from the traditional parameterization methods”. To the users, the invention enables you to do more, quicker and spend less!

The emulation of joints and skeletons in 3D animation was also previously a time consuming process, achieved by creating a character rig – often referred to as ‘3D rigging’ – which essentially involved creating a digital skeleton, which was then bound to a 3D mesh created by animators.

While 3D rigging is by no means obsolete for other forms of 3D animation, with regard to 3D facial animation, Natural Front’s curve-controlled modeling simply makes the process a lot easier and much less  painstaking than it was previously. This is a veritable boon to animation businesses, as it enables them to produce high-quality facial animations faster and cheaper, meaning that the critical resources of time and money can both be dedicated to the remaining tasks in the animation pipeline, or marketing and sales.

When one considers the amount of time that can be spent by animators on such techniques as rigging, morphing, key-framing, and motion capture, and will continue to be with regard to other aspects of the 3D character modeling and animation, it is clear that eradicating these time consuming methods with regard to 3D facial animations will be highly beneficial, particularly for animation businesses working under the pressure of strict deadlines.

Thus, if you want to create high-quality 3D facial animation as fast as possible, and also need a package that doesn’t break the bank, then Natural Front is a natural winner if you’re looking to getting your animation business ahead of the tough competition, especially, for the time being, if you run a small-to-medium professional studio or if you are an indie developer.

Taking the hassle out of 3D Facial Animation

clock September 3, 2013 18:13 by author christpaul

Animation is by its very nature a time consuming process. Certainly, it would not be advisable for anyone with a short attention span to get involved in animation on either a recreational or professional basis. While the use of computer technology has been utilised to make the process slightly less painstaking, nonetheless any individual that has been involved in it will know that even with the aid of computers 3D character animation can be extremely time consuming. 

However, even within the realm of 3D character animation, it is equally acknowledged that 3D facial animation can particularly eat into an animator’s time. The amount of effort required to create realistic models and results when using 3D facial animation software is very high indeed, and not only is this a process which requires a great investment of time, it is also one that can be extremely expensive. Thus, animators are constantly on the lookout for a piece of software that can deliver faster 3D facial animation at a price that will suit both professional and amateurs alike.

Natural Front’s software kills both of these birds with one powerful stone. But why is Natural Front the best 3D facial animation solution, and how does it achieve such high-quality results in such a short timeframe?

In order to answer this question, one of the concepts that it is necessary to discuss is 3D rigging. This is an animation technique that has been particularly prevalent in traditional approaches to 3D character animation and 3D facial animation. This is a complicated and involved process which will be vaguely familiar even to those that haven’t been involved with 3D facial animation on a serious basis.




3D rigging involves the animation modeller binding a 3D character to a system of joints in order to allow a team of animators to take control of the model during the animation process. This is an extremely painstaking process, and makes 3D character animation to be an extremely finicky task.

Natural Front’s sophisticated software makes the process of 3D facial animation so much easier by simply absolving the animator of participating in the 3D rigging process. While 3D rigging is still necessary for other aspects of 3D animation, Natural Front ensures that animators will no longer have to slave over intricate systems of joints in order to create convincing 3D facial model animations.

This is why many people are concluding that Natural Front is the most effective 3D character animation software on the market, as well as the package offering the best value. Why not try it out today?

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