New Year’s Resolutions for Animators

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As the holidays wind down, many are taking a look back at 2015 and creating their New Year’s resolutions for 2016. For animators that are often busy with projects during the year, it is crucial to use this time to reflect and refresh. Below are some resolutions for animators to consider when making their lists.

Refresh your animation reel.

During the year, animators are often too immersed in work and projects to focus on their own goals and initiatives. This also includes devoting the time to polish their demo reel. However, it is the biggest aspect that employers consider when selecting talented job candidates.

The end of a year is a great time to look back on your work and see how much it has progressed. This makes it an opportune time to review your animation reel and refresh it with your best work from the year. Some reel tips to use when polishing your reel is to keep it short, put the best work first to entice viewers to continue watching, and ensure that you have full permission to show the content.

Explore new animation tools.

Every year it seems like there is a new, innovative animation tool that promises to make animators’ work easier, faster, and more impressive. With so many tools being produced, it is difficult to decide which ones are the most effective and beneficial.

However, if a tool can help animators complete their work in record time while maintaining or improving the quality, it is worth it. For example, 3D facial animation has long been a challenge for computer animators to master. In recent years, facial animation software like NaturalFront’s Intuitive Pro has helped to simplify and improve the process.

In 2016, devoting a few minutes or hours to exploring animation technologies can save you hundreds of work hours and frustration in the long-term.

Go to more animation events.

One of the most influential factors to succeed in any industry is to build your network. Events are one of the best places to meet like-minded animation professionals, share ideas and collaborate on projects.

Attending both international and local events presents several benefits for animators. Local events can help you establish a foothold in your community and open up more opportunities to work and collaborate in the area that you live. International events can open up other doors of opportunity, inspire creative ideas, and introduce you to the latest in animation technologies and trends from around the world. Some of the most renowned international events include: E3 Expo, MIA Animation, Siggraph, and Animex.

In the middle of projects and the busyness of the holidays, reflecting back on your own accomplishments and preparing for the next year may seem impossible to do. But, doing so will ultimately make you feel more prepared and excited for the new year. What are some of your New Year’s resolutions for 2016?

Becoming a Professional Animator with Natural Front

clock May 19, 2015 21:16 by author christpaul

Becoming a 3D animator is a goal for many people who fall in love with the art form. But becoming a successful 3D animator requires a huge amount of perseverance, patience and dedication. Even though outstanding software packages such as Natural Front are making 3D animation much easier for professional animators, to reach the level required in order to produce this quality of work certainly takes some investment of time and effort.

Ultimately, any goal which is worthwhile in this life requires a significant apprenticeship, and 3D animation should be considered no different to this. But the incentives for achieving competence and excellence in 3D animation are multifarious, and perhaps the most obvious of all is that high-quality 3D animators are the most highly sought-after artists in the world.


The underlying reasons for this are extremely straightforward. Producing quality 3D animation is difficult, even with the best tools in the world at your disposal. The great thing about Natural Front is that it makes what is otherwise an extremely laborious and challenging process considerably easier for everyday animators. Once you have done your apprenticeship and learned the tools of the trade, Natural Front can help you take your animation to the next level very rapidly.

Making animation that is believable and entertaining requires a lot of skill and practice. But any animator with his or her salt will tell you that if you invest enough time in the practice that the ultimate rewards, in terms of both what you achieve and the sense of achievement itself, completely outweigh the initial investment.

Keen observation may be the most important skill to develop as an animator. Observe life around you, and how things move. Make sketches, take notes, and try to give meaning to what you observe. Don't study just animation. Learn from film, theatre, and even comic books to understand how poses and movement create moods and nonverbally communicate messages.

And remember not to ditch the classics. Animation has changed significantly, and 3D animation has obviously become the dominant form of animation. But that doesn't mean that the traditional 2D animators should be confined to the garbage can of history. It is valuable to pay attention to such great as Walt Disney and Hanna-Barbera, and doing so can very much aid your own 3D animation work.

The bottom line with 3D animation is that nothing worth doing comes easy, but if you can invest enough time in it then a piece of software such as Natural Front can ensure that the 3D animation process is made as smooth and absorbing as possible for those who have mastered their craft.

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