Natural Front Intuitive Pro Release Imminent

clock March 25, 2014 14:41 by author christpaul

We are very excited at the moment, as the release of the latest version of our NaturalFront software is imminent. We believe that this breakthrough technology will achieve a literal revolution in 3D facial modelling, and provide the slickest 3D animation package available, at the usual affordable price.

The world-class professional results that can be achieved with NaturalFront offers incredibly speedy animation solutions which are also intuitive and user-friendly. In this latest NaturalFront release we have built on our experience in creating facial animation software to make the process of producing 3D facial animations even more simple and straightforward than in previous NaturalFront releases.

We strongly believe that all professional animators at all levels of the ainmation industry can benefit greatly from the NaturalFront software. We are offering a free thirty day trial of the new NaturalFront Intuitive Pro edition as usual, and you can even win a year’s free access to the full version if you offer us feedback and are selected as the lucky winner of our free prize draw.

NaturalFront ensures that realistic 3D facial animation can be achieved at a fraction of the expense and time that must be invested in other approaches. With NaturalFront’s curved controlled modelling, you can produce double the work in half the time, and get incredible and absorbing results.

We have long since prided ourselves on ensuring that the NaturalFront package renders some of the most laborious animation techniques obsolete, but the new Intuitive Pro version achieves this even more profoundly. With NaturalFront Intuitive Pro there is no need for rigging, no need for morphing, no Need for key-framing and no need for motion capture. We’re sure that professional animators will be rubbing their hands with glee at that prospect!

Another unique element of NaturalFront is that we adapt and evolve the software on a lightning fast and ongoing basis based on your direct feedback. We value our customers extremely highly, and a continual feedback loop is at the heart of NaturalFront’s ethos.

We pride ourselves on this interactive approach – if you see something you'd like added to, or changed within, NaturalFront let us know - because we can usually get your idea created and updated quickly. And if we can’t, we will work tirelessly to do so in the medium-term. We greatly value our users and their feedback and consider our users as more than customers, rather we view all NaturalFront users as a genuine community helping build the software together.

To read more about our NaturalFront Intuitive Pro software, browse our website, or you can download a beta version if you want to check out the 30 day trial.


Pixar to receive prestigious 3D animation award

clock December 16, 2013 19:39 by author christpaul

Pixar Animation Studios has become a name synonymous with 3D animation, the biggest company in this increasingly important genre. Their commercial success since they were founded back in 1986 has been truly astounding, and many of their 3D movies have become critically acclaimed classics, as they have established themselves as an absolutely great movie studio.

Their achievements over the years have secured Pixar a huge amount of awards and accolades. And it has been recently announced that Pixar is to receive another award to add to the pile in the coming months.

The International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society will honour Pixar Animation Studios with the Sir Charles Wheatstone Award for creative excellence. This award be presented to the animation studio at the fifth annual Creative Arts Awards on 28th January at Warner Bros. Studios. This particular award is handed out to give recognition to outstanding achievements in 3D movies, TV shows and 4K technology.

The CEO of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, John Lasseter, is being recognised, along with the whole team at Pixar, for their outstanding achievements both in technical animation as well as storytelling. Pixar is by far the most successful studio in this particular award having already received four previous gold Lumiere Awards from the Society. Pixar’s ‘Brave’ was pciked by the Society as the best animated 3D feature of 2012, and the studio was also awarded prizes for the best 3D short film for three consecutive years with 2010’s ‘Partly Cloudy’, 2011’s ‘Day and Night’ and 2012’s ‘La Luna’.

Pixar’s success story has continued this year as they released the latest in the ‘Monsters’ franchise of movies, when ‘Monsters University’ was released. There were no signs that the momentum of this series had slowed down in any way, as ‘Monsters University’ managed to take over $743 million worldwide.

The studio has been consistently praised for the quality of its character models and animations, and this is something that we also recognise to be of particular importance at Natural Front. Our curved-controlled modelling technique allows the highest quality of 3D character and facial animations to be achieved, but with the minimum amount of fuss, effort and expense. This means that professional animators of all budgets can produce world-class character animation to engage and enchant audiences.

The success of Pixar is indicative of the success of 3D animation as a genre, and we at Natural Front are extremely enthusiastic and positive about the future of 3D animation, and of playing an active part in it.

The other United of Manchester release 3D impression of new stadium

clock November 19, 2013 18:31 by author christpaul

There are many potential applications for 3D animation, and as the technology becomes ever more popular, and increasingly cheaper, it is almost inevitable that we will see ever more eclectic sources of 3D animation popping up. But an organisation in Manchester, UK who one would definitely not associated with the world of animation, released a 3D animation this week that has garnered a lot of attention.

FC United of Manchester were formed when a splinter group of footballer supporters, who were dissatisfied with the commercial policies of the world famous football club Manchester United, decided to form their own club. FC United have grown from the grass roots up, until they have reached the seventh tier of English football, no mean achievement given their mere eight year existence.

This week the club’s progress was exemplified by the release of a 3D animated impression of their new stadium, which is expected to be completed next summer. The 3D animation of the club’s new 5,000 capacity ground gives indication of the progress that the club has made in a short period of time. Previously the club have been playing their home fixtures at Bury’s Gigg Lane, although they have played home league games at five other venues due to fixture clashes.

The FC United animation just indicates the extent to which 3D animation can serve any number of organisations in a variety of different ways. It is the popularity of this medium on the big screen which has indicated its viability to a huge number of eclectic businesses and organisations.



This enthusiasm for 3D animation in all its various guises, lead to the Natural Front technology being created. In the case of Natural Front, the focus of the software is very much on the creation of 3D animated characters, with facial animation a particular speciality. But the usage of 3D animation for this football presentation shows that many different applications of 3D animation are possible.

Natural Front is perfect for organisations of similar size to FC United, with the technology particularly targeted at small and medium-sized professional animation studios. The beauty of the Natural Front software is that it renders many of the most time consuming and expensive procedures associated with animation completely irrelevant. The software’s unique and sophisticated modelling system renders some of the most reviled and laborious techniques of 3D animation obsolete, and ensures that professional animators can create engaging character and facial animations with the minimum amount of fuss.

Still operating on a beta basis, Natural Front is thus encouraging professional animators to get involved and shape the direction of this exciting software package.

Gaming: 3D Facial Animation and Your Favorite Games

clock September 13, 2013 15:47 by author JerohO

With the rising popularity of multi-player games in the gaming community, the need to create characters that stand out from the multitude of characters available on gaming platforms such as World of Warcraft, Everquest etc. has never been greater and although gamers can now customize personal characters on some of these game platforms, limitations still exist. These limitations which include; poor graphic quality, limited customization options, and poor facial animations have led gamers to petition developers to either improve customization options or allow the use of third party software to create appropriate models.

The Godfather franchise took the first step of allowing players load animations of their facial features to its “mobface” platform for file conversion and integrating uploaded images on your favourite character. This bold step is sure to cause...or has caused a ripple effect in the game developer community for a majority of games now provide gamers with the option of creating 3D models of your favourite weapons, vehicles and facial expressions for use in your favourite games.



This ripple effect is been felt by both private gamers and independent (indie) game developers who create games for either mobile operating systems--iOS, Android etc.--or computing/gaming platforms such as Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Windows to name a few. Taking the Xbox XNA builders platform as an example, indie developers can now model 3D characters--both animate and inanimate--import these characters to XNA for developing their unique games.


For facial animation, the difficulties are much due to the need to create advanced models with realistic facial expressions for each character depending on how unique they have to be. This animating process and techniques incorporate advanced CAD modelling procedures such as character rigging, mapping, working with polygons etc. which the average indie developer has neither the knowledge to accomplish nor the funds to hire a professional graphic designer to handle. The popular Toy Story characters took a team of graphic designers and an 8 hour per facial feature rendering time to accomplish. Therefore, the solution to this conundrum lies in acquiring 3D character animation software tools with very mild learning curve that can produce high definition models at record time.


3D CAD Systems for Gamers and Indie Developers

 Zbrush: This is a digital sculpting tool that combines 3D modeling techniques--texturing, painting, rigging etc.--to develop animated characters for use in games and other industries. With the Zbrush, you can develop high-definition models and export them in diverse file formats for use in game building platforms. Zbrush is an advanced CAD software which means that it would be quite difficult to use by both professionals and amateurs.



Natural Front: This software simplifies the difficult process of facial animation by eliminating the need or advanced riggings, motion capture, and polygon/lighting techniques that take hours to render. Natural Front focuses on developing photo-realistic 3D facial animations/expressions that can be exported in different formats onto gaming platforms. The learning curve associated with this software is very mild and it provides separate tools for both professional animators/graphic designers and amateurs interested in modelling character features.

 Combining these software applications and game customization platforms or game builders will definitely give you the time and budget flexibility ever indie game developer desires.

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