Freeze 3D Animation Combines 3D Printing and Sculpture

clock March 12, 2015 13:00 by author christpaul

A state-of-the-art technique which keeps creeping into the world of 3D animation is 3D printing. Many predictions have been made about the capabilities of this technology, and it is already being utilised widely in fields such as architecture. The concept of a completely 3D printed city, full of buildings rendered via the technology, may seem fanciful, but already experts in the field believe that this will be possible in the coming decades.

Meanwhile, 3D printing continues to have an influence over animation. New examples of animations being created via 3D printing seem to emerge on an almost weekly basis. And in line with this, a pair of innovative animators have recently produced another striking animation utilising this technique.

The crew at Job, Joris & Marieke, have recently produced an animation entitled “FREEZE!”, Which is based around 100 frames from their looping CGI creation. The pair have effectively recreated an entire digital event in one frozen sculpture. The result is extremely striking, and constitutes an odd looking string of characters presented in a variety of poses.

3D printing may be a remote technology for many people at this point in time, but it is becoming more mainstream on a daily basis. It meshes particularly well with 3D animation, and this latest CGI-based creation very explicitly underlines the principles of animation.


Animations created with 3D printing objects are nothing new, but the ability to create one based on entirely still frames, and then turning that project into a sculpture, is an extremely rare and intriguing concept. Although 3D printing has many practical and utilitarian purposes, it is also worth pointing out that the technology can make a significant contribution to arts and entertainment as well.

The animation in question was produced by the two Dutch artists via the painstaking process of producing 100 separate frames. Using an Ultimaker 2 3D printer and liberal amounts of glue and string, artists Job, Joris and Marieke squeezed all the cells from a short animation into a single mise-en-scene.  

This revolutionary place will be exhibited at Amersfoort's Kunsthal museum on March 29th, where lovers of animation and artwork alike can experience FREEZE at close quarters. This groundbreaking animation is indicative of the extent to which 3D printing is now having an influence on the animation industry. And Natural Front Intuitive Oro offers the opportunity to scan 3D printed objects into its software, in order to create absorbing and spectacular results.

Natural Front Intuitive Pro - A Disruptive Technology for New Pro Animators

clock March 9, 2015 12:43 by author christpaul

At Natural Front we are always working to ensure that our Products become even more user-friendly for our valued customers. That is central to the ethos of our operation, but also essential to the Process which continues to imProve the Natural Front Intuitive Pro software. We greatly appreciate the feedback that we receive from Professional animators, and attempt to take this on board as we integrate new imProvements into the Natural Front package.

One of the things that we have particularly attempted to include in the Natural Front Intuitive Pro package as the software has developed is an incredibly intuitive nature. We have always wanted to ensure that Natural Front Intuitive Pro does not require years of investment in developing skills. The package has always been intended to enable animators to pick up the key techniques very quickly, and then model and animate a three-dimensional face within a matter of hours.

This has been one of the key selling points of Natural Front Intuitive Pro package, as other animation software typically require animators to invest weeks of effort in animating a 3-D faces via time-consuming techniques. It can sometimes be possible to get what you want with Natural Front Intuitive Pro in the matter of a mere few seconds!

Many SMEs, freelance animators and small-scale professional animation studios have already been attracted to the Natural Front Intuitive Pro software for this reason. But we also believe that in price terms the package is one of the most competitive anywhere in the industry. Our automated software can deliver world-class results at a price that makes it ideal entry level software for anyone involved in the animation industry.


In order to showcase the capabilities of the Natural Front Intuitive Pro software, we have created a demonstration page which features a number of videos that have been created utilising just the Natural Front Intuitive Pro software. The sophisticated automated algorithms featured in this package ensure that the possibilities for Professional animators are endless with Natural Front Intuitive Pro.

We firmly believe that the Natural Front package provides the best way for budding animators to enter the 3-D animation industry, and grow their product in the shortest amount of time possible. Natural Front Intuitive Pro can help you to boost your productivity and profits in 3-D character animation, and master what can be an extremely labourious technique in a surprisingly short timeframe.

Getting 3-D animation right just got much easier with Natural Front Intuitive Pro.

Latest Natural Front Intuitive Pro 3.1 Animation Software Released

clock January 4, 2015 21:51 by author christpaul

It's not that long since we released the last version of Natural Front, but we are never inclined to rest on our laurels in terms of providing the best possible service to our customers. So we have already taking feedback from our valued users to help create the next version of Natural Front Intuitive Pro, which we are naming the 3.1 version of the software.

We are quite pleased with the new improvements that we have included in this already powerful software package. Updates that have been made to the Natural Front Intuitive Pro 3.1 program include the ability for users to play a captured video directly from the software.

This particular innovation was strongly requested by users in feedback, so we were keen to deliver this particular form of animation support as quickly as possible. We are delighted to announce that it is now fully in place for the 3.1 version of the animation software, and we are extremely confident about the robustness of this feature.

Users downloading the 3.1 version of Natural Front Intuitive Pro will find that they can use any captured videos as a reference for 3-D facial animation. It is possible to place the video and any animation produced side-by-side, which greatly facilitates the process of creating 3-D animation. Already Natural Front Intuitive Pro was a massively slick and powerful animation program, but we're confident that this feature takes it to the next level.

We have also addressed several bugs which existed in the 3.0 version of the software. Of course, we work diligently to ensure that there are no errors in our Natural Front program, but it is almost impossible to eliminate these completely even with diligent testing. But after a lot of work from our engineers, we're now confident that the animation will be even more consistent when different levels of abstraction are used in the same animation process.

This means that animating different parts of a face individually, or animating the whole face based on a few primary expressions, will become even more easy, user-friendly and efficient than before. We are extremely proud of the animation capabilities of Natural Front Intuitive Pro, and equally proud of the fact that animation studios all over the world have used this powerful program to create absorbing 3-D animations.

Finally, Natural Front Intuitive Pro also benefits from a new user-friendly user interface. We were already happy with the ease-of-use of the program, but believe that we have bettered it with this new interface.

All in all, this is another excellent Natural Front Intuitive Pro release, and we can't wait to see what professional animators are able to produce with it.

Natural Front Intuitive Pro - Latest Version is a Game Changer

clock December 15, 2014 14:25 by author christpaul

We have recently released the latest version of Natural Front, which we are dubbing Natural Front Intuitive Pro 3.0. This is the latest and greatest version of the 3D animation software that we have poured our heart and soul into, and we are extremely proud of the results. 

Natural Front Intuitive Pro 3.0 has all of the qualities that you have come to associate with our 3D animation packages, and delivers the user-friendly software that you’ve come to expect. No more 3D rigging, or other expensive and time consuming 3D animation techniques; Natural Front Intuitive Pro delivers a truly intuitive animation package that makes facial animation in particular extremely easy and fluid to produce.

But we’ve also crammed in our fair share of new features as well. In our last blog we examined the new facial modelling, rendering features and animation improvements. In this post we will be looking at a few more improvements that we have also added into the software.

One particularly visionary user informed us that our software could be a serious game changer if the range of motion and the deformation could be significantly extended. We are very grateful to Loring Robbins, the Animation Director at because we have taken on board these suggestions and we believe greatly improved the Natural Front package as a result.

With the improvements we have made to the smoothness of 3D modelling in this latest version of Natural Front Intuitive Pro, allied with other aspects of 3D modelling and animation, we believe that we are approaching this goal rapidly. This is reflected in the new version of the software which features some brand new effects and functions. Users can find in the new version a significant extension of deformation, which is reflected in new features such as more extreme facial expressions.

Additionally, we have added several other tweaks to the Natural Front software with Natural Front Intuitive Pro 3.0. Both the internal animation and user interface have been made even more intuitive for users, ensuring that this is the easiest Natural Front package to use that we have ever created. We definitely believe that ‘intuitive’ is the word that sets us apart from other providers! We never stand still with Natural Front, though. We are already looking at improving the software, and users can expect to be see more significant improvements in our future releases. And we very much value the feedback that we get more our users. We rely on you to outline for us what you require in the Natural Front package so that we can deliver the software that will continue to attract the praise that we’ve received for our existing version of this 3D animation package.

The Importance of Simplicity for 3D Animation

clock October 18, 2014 09:31 by author christpaul

The infamous scientist Albert Einstein once stated that the best solution to any problem is always a simple one. This ethos is very much at the centre of the Natural Front approach to animation. We strive to make the most challenging and time-consuming tasks in 3-D animation as simple as possible; perhaps simpler than you can even imagine.

The Natural Front Intuitive Pro software is based on our own revolutionary 3-D technology. It has taken a huge amount of loving care and effort to turn our ideas into a constructive software package that can produce world-class 3-D animations. The principle which drives the Natural Front software has never been commercially explored previously, and it is the unique nature of the software which has perhaps above all else contributed to its success.

The Natural Front Intuitive Pro software enables animators to work in the core of 3D modeling and animation in a way that is both unprecedented and hugely effective. The approach that we take to 3-D animation makes us stand apart from other animation companies and software, particularly in the respect that the Natural Front Intuitive Pro software does not rely heavily on traditional modelling and animation techniques as is common in the industry.

Not only is our curve-controlled modelling a unique element of the Natural Front software package, but we have also acquired the exclusive rights world-wide to commercially explore this revolutionary 3D technology. This means that only Natural Front Intuitive Pro will be able to offer you our fantastic 3-D animation package which makes creating the most absorbing animations imaginable easy and painless.

This means that we can offer unique benefits through our software, particularly to SMEs. Natural Front has worked with animators and animation studios all over the world, and as an SME ourselves, we fully understand the pressures that modern businesses have to cope with. The Natural Front Intuitive Pro software was precisely designed to meet the needs of animation studios on a budget, and we pride ourselves on offering incredible value for money with our system.

By using Natural Front’s unique technology, you not only get your 3D animation business a giant step ahead of competition, but also start a revolutionary journey. In no time at all, you can be creating animations better than you could have ever hoped. So don't delay, sign up for our 30 day free trial today.

The Ethos Behind Natural Front

clock October 5, 2014 08:21 by author christpaul

The driving force behind Natural Front was to create a computer software package that could deliver outstanding 3-D character animation. However, it wasn't good enough for us to produce a package that merely did the job well, we wanted to make Natural Front Intuitive Pro the best 3-D character animation software package on the market.

So with this ethos in mind, from day one of developing the software we deeply considered what elements we wanted the Natural Front package to comprise. Firstly, and arguably most important, was the ability to create absorbing facial animations easily. Not only did we want animators using Natural Front to be able to create world-class animations, but we also intended for them to be able to do it in a relatively hassle-free way.

At present, the most widely used techniques in 3-D character animation and 3-D facial animation are 3-D rigging and morphing, also know as blending key shapes. Most animators consider these to be a necessary evil, even though the laborious nature of the process makes it quite a headache.

The reality is that these techniques are extremely inefficient when utilised for 3-D facial animation. The reason behind this is that an effective approach in the core of 3-D modelling and animation has been lacking. Rigging and morphing have been the industry solution to the problem, but experienced animators will tell you that they are and insufficient solution. Other 3-D animation software has a focus on motion capture and tracking, but with Natural Front Intuitive Pro we intended to create a completely new system which blows such notions away.

Natural Front is not opposed to motion capture, tracking, or any of the rigging process. However, we do believe that it is currently utilised inefficiently. That is why we developed our system for capturing 3-D animations which is as simple as possible to utilise. Our curve-controlled modelling system makes the process of 3-D animation considerably easier, and also by delivering efficiency savings we can pass economic savings onto you the consumer. 

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, the simplest solution is usually the best solution, and this was very much the ethos and mentality that underpinned the development of Natural Front Intuitive Pro. Since we released the first version of the software, it has become a key animation package for small-to-medium animation studios in particular, and continues to go from strength to strength.

Natural Front Intuitive Pro - The Perfect Solution for Small to Medium Animation Studios and Animators

clock September 7, 2014 22:30 by author christpaul

Here at Natural Front, we're all too aware how difficult it can be for small animation studios and independent animators to gain a footing in the industry. The animation industry is extremely competitive, and with numerous huge corporations at the head of it, and significant overheads associated with every aspect of the animation process, remaining competitive as a small business, or as the little guy in the street, can be a huge challenge.

That is why our Natural Front Intuitive Pro software is specifically aimed at small, independent animation studios and freelance animators. We have built our package up as a small business, and we want to help out people who have been in the same situation as us.

Central to this process has been ensuring that the Natural Front Intuitive Pro software is available at a price that particularly suits small to medium enterprises and freelance animators. Although we are extremely proud of the powerful nature of the Natural Front software, we want its facilities and functions to be available to as many animators as possible. We don't want anyone to be excluded from the Natural Front experience.

That's why we have recently announced a new monthly payment system for our two most sophisticated Natural Front Intuitive Pro packages. These deliver incredible functionality and intuitive 3-D facial animation in particular, but are now well within the price range of small studios and freelance animators.

The Natural Front Intuitive Pro software delivers incredibly user-friendly and easy photo-to-3-D modelling. It enables you to create 3-D animations intuitively and speedily, with lip syncing particularly efficiently supported. You can put in place your own distinctive blend of expressions and mouse shapes, and the Natural Front Intuitive Pro software supports complete export to the popular SBX platform. With the Natural Front Intuitive Pro complete version now available at the bargain price of $25 per month, you really can't go wrong in signing up for Natural Front.

Aside from the value for money element of the Natural Front software, we are also conscious of the fact that small-scale animators want to be able to save resources in every step of the animation process. Therefore Natural Front has been designed to make 3-D facial animation particularly easy, via its revolutionary curve-controlled modelling system. Natural Front makes the most time-consuming, expensive and complex processes associated with 3-D animation obsolete.

Natural Front Intuitive Pro is the ideal package for any small to medium animation studio and freelance animator. Sign up for the free 30 day trial today, and start finding out what Natural Front Intuitive Pro can do for you.

New Natural Front Intuitive Pro 2.2 Version Released

clock September 1, 2014 20:40 by author christpaul

We're always happy at Natural Front when we have some good news for our customers. And as the saying goes that bad news comes in threes, we’re happy to announce that sometimes good news comes in threes as well! So we have three morsels of good news to announce to all of our customers, and we're sure that this will please animation studios and professional animators alike

Firstly, the new Natural Front website is now up and running. We have been working on our new site for quite some time, and we're extremely pleased with the new design of the website. It features a lot of useful information about the Natural Front Intuitive Pro package, so whether you're thinking about purchasing the Natural Front animation software for the first time, or would like to learn a little more about it as an existing customer, the website is a good place to start 

Secondly, as a companion to our new website we have also recently released a new beta version of the Natural Front Intuitive Pro software. This is effectively the 2.2 version of the Natural Front package. In this latest release, we have particularly focused on ensuring that the 3-D animation facility in the software is improved, and we're delighted with the level of smoothness that has been achieved. We're confident that our customers will really love this new Natural Front Intuitive Pro release. You can access the latest version of the software by clicking here.

Finally, in order to make our payment system more suitable to our customers needs, and having received a lot of feedback on the matter, we have recently changed the payment system for Natural Front from a one off payment to a monthly subscription model. Natural Front Intuitive Pro Complete 2.2 will cost $25 for a monthly subscription, while Natural Front Intuitive Pro Simplified 2.2 will cost $9 per month. We also have our Intuitive Pro Free version, and the two premium packages are also available on a free trial basis. 

Nothing else about Natural Front Intuitive Pro has changed. NaturalFront Intuitive Pro remains the ideal piece of animation software, designed for 3D professionals, businesses and developed on revolutionary 3D algorithms. It offers incredible animation power, while making the process of 3-D animation considerably easier, particularly with regard to facial animations. We're extremely proud of this fantastic piece of software, and recommend professional animators and animation studios to check it out today.

Natural Front Intuitive Pro Solves All of Your Facial Animation Conundrums

clock July 13, 2014 18:39 by author christpaul

Do you own an animation business? You will know then how overhead costs and logistical issues can be a massive drain on your creativity and impede your animation studio from getting things done. In the competitive world than modern animators find themselves in, it’s hard to have issues detracting from performance, and many small to medium animation studios find themselves wishing that there was but a single, simple solution to all of their animation issues.

If you’re in the business of creating high quality 3D facial animation in particular then you will know all of the problems that you might encounter. You’re all used to the old way of creating 3D animations, and the issues that you associate with it.

The old way involves manually modelling a face, creating a complex net of rigging with which to manipulate the animation. Many studios are only too aware of both the cost and time that needs to be invested in such an animation method. It can eliminate small animation studios from the bidding process for projects that involve facial animation.

Freelance animators also struggle with 3D animation, particularly with regard to faces. The start-up costs for a 3D animator can be extremely high, and purchasing some of the high end software that is usually utilised to create 3D animation can be extremely expensive. And then, the freelance animator must ponder whether the feature set included in the software is even something that they will need in the long-term.

Another issue related to 3D facial animation is the skills gap. Many small to medium digital and animation agencies avoid bidding for or taking on projects that require complex 3D animations, as the skills required to produce them just aren’t inherent within their teams.

But there is a solution to all of these issues. Natural Front Intuitive Pro is an exceptional 3D facial animation solution which has received commendation both critically and from customers. It negates the need for complex and time consuming processes such as 3D rigging, morphing and facial motion capture. And it comes at a price that suits the budgets of small to medium studios and even independent freelancers. And Natural Front Intuitive Pro is renowned for its user-friendliness; meaning you don’t have to be a software or animation expert to use it.

All over the world, small to medium animation studios and freelance animation professionals have realised that they can get world-class results from Natural Front Intuitive Pro. If you’re in the same position, why not sign up for a free trial today?

Natural Front Intuitive Pro - Saving Animation Studios Time, Money and Hassle

clock July 2, 2014 17:04 by author christpaul

If you’re in the business of making 3D facial animations then you will be well accustomed to the sort of difficulties that such complex animations tend to entail. Spending hours manually building 3D face models can eventually produce some rewarding results, but there’s no doubting the downsides of the process.

Not only do such established animation techniques take up a lot of time, but they’re also expensive. In the competitive world in which animation studios operate today, we know only too well that the bottom line of a business can be extremely tight. Thus, it adds insult to injury to know that the commonly utilised method of producing 3D facial animations not only eats up man-hours, but also easts into the profits to boot.

And if that isn’t enough in itself, we all know that 3D character animation then requires some further processes which make animating a face even more time consuming and complex. Such techniques as morphing, rigging and key framing bring life to a 3D animated character, but suck yet more hours away from teams of even the most dedicated and skilled animators.

But what if there was a completely new way of producing 3D facial animations? And what if it helped animators produce facial animations that are even better than the results that they’re able to achieve via facial modelling? And what if these results could be obtained in a much short timeframe? And what if someone told you that other time consuming techniques such as morphing, rigging and key framing were made obsolete by this system? And above all else…what if someone told you that you could save money by putting this system into place?

You’d probably think that you were dreaming, or that the system in question was pie in the sky. But you’d be very wrong.

Natural Front Intuitive Pro is the ideal system for any animation studio which is looking to produce 3D facial animation efficiently and affordably and to a world-class standard. Natural Front Intuitive Pro eliminates any need for 3D facial modelling, and confines morphing, rigging and key framing to the dustbin of history.

The curve controlled modelling system used by Natural Front Intuitive Pro makes animation so much easier, quicker and more intuitive than old fashioned systems based around modelling. It really represents a revolution in 3D animation. So we recommend any professional animation studio owner interested in cutting costs without compromising quality to check out the free trial of Natural Front Intuitive Pro today.

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