Peanuts 3D Animated Movie is in the Can

clock September 10, 2015 15:59 by author christpaul

Possibly the most anticipated 3D animation movie in the coming years is the new Peanuts film. This is, of course, based on the iconic comic strip held very dearly in the hearts of many fans across the world. 

Peanuts is particularly poignant as it ran for several decades in publications all over the world, and was then promptly finished when its iconic writer, Charles M. Schulz, became too unwell to continue producing the strip. In the final edition of Peanuts, Schultz wrote of his illness and how proud and honoured he had been to produce the comic strip over many years.

So the new 3D animated version of Peanuts certainly has a challenge on its hands. To reproduce the vision and artistic achievement of Schulz in a 3D animated form will certainly be difficult to achieve, and the animators also need to satisfy a demanding audience that their product is truly authentic. This will be the first ever Peanuts products of any kind that has not involved its lauded creator and this naturally puts massive pressure on the animation studio.

Thus, team members at the Ice Age animation studio Blue Sky Studios were both excited and nervous when they were tasked with turning the iconic Charles M. Schulz Peanuts comic strip into a 3D motion picture, The Peanuts Movie, which opens November 6. There is a lot of anticipation regarding this new 3D animated movie, but at the same time it is hard to escape the feeling that the knives could be out for The Peanuts Movie if it fails to deliver the sort of authentic experience that fans will unquestionably desire and expect.

Speaking Thursday at CGI confab Siggraph, the team behind the film spoke before a clearly enthusiastic crowd of animation fans as it described how it translated Schulz’s subtle dots and pen lines — some of the world's most recognizable comic strip images — into the upcoming feature. Clearly this has been a labour of love, and the animation studio is all too aware of the faithfulness that it needs to show to the original comic strip.

However, animation supervisor Scott Carroll is confident about the work his team have done. Carroll summed up the effort that the team have made for The Peanuts Movie thus: “Our big lesson that we took away from this: If you have faith in your creative team, you can take on big risks.”

With just three months to wait until Peanuts is finally sprung upon an expectant audience, it'll be fascinating to see whether the animation studio has achieved the success that it is unquestionably hoping for.

Peanuts 3D Animated Movie Nears Completion as Trailer Emerges

clock January 10, 2015 22:25 by author christpaul

The new 3D animated Peanuts Movie is evidently developing rapidly, as a new trailer emerges to showcase the much loved and legendary characters in a new, updated animation. This is in fact the first ever full-length film which focuses on Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the characters created by Charles M. Schulz, which ran in a cartoon strip form for many decades. The movie utilises both CG and 3-D animation to provide an updated view of the characters.

Producing a Peanuts movie has been a huge challenge for the animation house, not merely because an animation style needed to be produced that was a faithful to the original, but also because the source material is held in such esteem.

It would be difficult to name a cartoon that has had a greater cultural impact than Peanuts, with the possible exception of The Simpsons. The strip which appeared in newspapers all over the world was characterised by a subtle and dry sense of humour, as events focused on the perennially unfortunate Charlie Brown.

After the passing of Charles Schultz, Peanuts was effectively ceased, as his family did not want anyone to continue with the strip and potentially sully the Peanuts legacy. So this places even greater pressure on this forthcoming 3-D animated movie, as the producers need to ensure that the family of Schulz will be happy with the results.

Thus, while the animation may be updated, the story appears to be staying firm with the spirit of the characters fans have been familiar with for decades. Although Peanuts was produced right up until the death of Schulz in 2000, the Peanuts cartoon strip remained steeped in nostalgia throughout its run of nearly five decades. 

While converting any strip to 3-D animation is challenging, the animators thus have to deal with the fact that the movie needs to have a modern look, but one that is effectively rooted in the past. Creating an authentic 3-D animation for this Peanuts movie will be a massive challenge, and it is intriguing to finally view the trailer and see to what extent this has been achieved.

Similarly, writing a plot for the Peanuts movie must have been a serious undertaking, and this has been kept pretty quiet from the public thus far. As in the aforementioned Simpsons, writing a movie regarding such an iconic cartoon and producing a script worthy of a full-length movie must be extremely difficult.

The state-of-the-art 3-D animation that has been produced for this Peanuts film should at least ensure that it is a good-looking movie, and there is no doubt that Peanuts fans all over the world will be interested in seeing the final product.

3D Animated Movie Based on Peanuts in the Pipeline

clock March 19, 2014 19:49 by author christpaul

One of the most iconic animated cartoons in history is Peanuts. The creation of Charles Schulz inducted readers into a world that was much loved by followers of the strip for many years, but his untimely passing brought Peanuts to an end after half a century of work in 2000. With Schulz suffering from ill health, he passed away just weeks after ending the Peanuts strip, and with his family expressing the desire for no-one to continue his work, it looked like the end of the line for Charlie Brown and co.

However, the news has broken in recent months that Fox and Blue Sky are working on a 3D animated version of Peanuts. This was a natural move in many ways; Peanuts is a hugely popular strip, and had already appeared on television in an animated form. But given the passing of Schulz and the potential for an incredible legacy to be tainted somewhat, there are naturally those who are not overly keen on the notion of a 3D animated version of Peanuts.

Fans of the series are pretty much split on the idea. On the one hand, the prospect of more canonical material from the Peanuts universe is an extremely seductive one for fans of the cartoon strip. On the other, the prospect of it being a total disaster is obviously not a pleasant one. Additionally, the notion of a 3D animated version of Peanuts is a completely new one, and even those looking forward to seeing how it turns out can’t be entirely sure that it will be a success.

However, the first trailer for the forthcoming 3D animated version of Peanuts is already out, and the general reaction to it has been pretty positive. All of the famous characters from Peanuts – Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy – have all been recreated very faithfully, and there is already a lot of excitement around fans of the Peanuts strip regarding this 3D animated version of the classic comic strip.

There have been proclamations from the filmmakers from day one that they would do justice to the creations of Peanuts creator Charles Schulz and that they would handle the material very respectfully. The proof will be in the pudding on this matter, but Schulz would certainly be pleased with what has been released so far, as the characters look the same and have the same dynamic as the classic cartoon strip.

The rumored release date for this animated movie is 2015, so fans of Peanuts will get their change to see it then.

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