New Report Predicts 18% YOY Animation Growth

clock June 18, 2015 21:00 by author christpaul

A recently published report on the future of 3D animation predicts that the industry will achieve an average growth rate of 18% between now and the end of the decade. The Global 3D Animation Software Market 2015-2019 research report highlights Adobe Systems Inc., Autodesk Inc., Corel Corp., Electric Image and Maxon as key players in the industry in the coming years, and emphasises a major role to be played by an increasing number of small animation studios.

The research of the report analyses over 60 countries in depth, as well as looking at the overall state of the global industry. Animation has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the last couple of decades, and 3D animation unquestionably plays a central part in this success story. As 3D animation has become more technically possible, so it has become the primary form of animation in the cinematic industry in particular.

Although the state of the industry is already in extremely rude health, the report in question suggests that the recent gains that 3D animation has made are set to increase in the coming years. And it will be technological innovations that will play a major part in this seismic growth.

For example, emerging technologies like photorealistic tools and toon-shading will trigger the use of hybrid animation, thus enhancing overall picture and visual effects. This technology is already widely used in computer games, as it retains the 2D appearance of animation, despite the inclusion of 3D technology.

Another major source of growth in the 3D animation industry will be video games. The gaming industry is already a huge utiliser of 3D animation techniques, but this is expected to expand rapidly once virtual reality technology becomes cemented in the industry. With Project Morpheus, Cculus Rift and Hololens all nearing completion, this is expected to be sooner rather than later, and could lead to a massive boost in the 3D animation marketplace.

However, the industry also faces challenges. Piracy and the availability of open-source 3D animation software will pose challenges for established market players. However, the increasingly diverse and geographically expanded commercial 3D animation marketplace, along with a more professional aspect to many areas of the sector, will ensure that the industry continues to grow significantly.

As Natural Front and its Intuitive Pro software continue to develop, evolve and grow, the company intends to play a massive part in this industry in the coming years. With 3D animation increasingly playing a role in a vast range of industries including architecture, building and construction, academia and education, defense and intelligence, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing and design, the future looks extremely rosy for the Intuitive Pro 3D animation package offered by Natural Front.

Disney Utilizes 3D Animation to Bring Robots to Life

clock June 17, 2015 20:45 by author christpaul

To this day, animation is massively associated with Disney, and the corporation is continually trying to pushback the boundaries of what is possible. Disney has played a major role in the popularisation of 3D animation, and now it is looking to implement robotics at its Disney World locations.

Thus, the next time you see your favorite characters walking around Disney World, they might not be actors inside suits, but could be automated robots, instead. The scientific arm of the Disney corporation has recently made a massive breakthrough which will enable it to bring its animated characters to life in a unique way.

Engineers affiliated with the Disney research department in Pittsburgh were able to create a bipedal, walking robot, which was created in a way similar to 3D animation. Indeed, Disney built on typical 3D animation techniques in order to construct this robotic official intelligence.

Contemporary CGI animation studios are able to create different walks for every single character which appears on screen. Effectively, is this the way that animated characters develop particular traits and personality. Extremely complex animations can be applied to characters in order to give them a distinctive flavour.

This is now being transferred and personified into a walking robot, with researchers at Disney focusing on the physical aspect of 3D animation in order to transmit this to the AI robots. Co-author of the research, Katsu Yamane, stated that the researchers focused on the robot's saunter because, "walking is where physics matter the most. If we can find a way to make the lower half work, we can use the exact same procedure for the upper body.”

Recreating the animated walk wasn't without its difficulties. Among the problems encountered, were physical constraints of the robotic legs. The team had to design the legs to fit within the 3D animated character's form. Additionally, the engineers had to make compromises when it came to creating the ankles. Each animated ankle had nine degrees of freedom which couldn't be re-created physically without the robot falling down, so the same motion was achieved by adding additional motion in the hips and knees.

Disney is now working on implementing this on a wider scale, and this could have hugely positive implications for the corporation. Considering all of the huge amount of Frozen toys, for example, that Disney has sold, being able to create interactive robotic versions of these characters are genuinely convincing could be a positive breakthrough for Disney. 

Once more this an example of 3D animation opening up new avenues and commercial opportunities for a massive company and industry.

Natural Front Intuitive Pro - The Best Choice for Small-to-Medium Animation Studios

clock September 22, 2014 15:29 by author christpaul

Natural Front has been working with a variety of small-to-medium studios and indie developers for some years now, and in that time we have developed an industry-wide reputation for providing animation packages of the very highest quality. We are particularly proud of our Natural Front Intuitive Pro software, which makes facial modelling in particular extremely easy, without in any way scrimping on the power.

By applying our patented technology to the way realistic 3-D facial animation is created, you can create truly world-class 3-D animations in an incredibly short period of time. This enables animation studios and freelance animators to greatly cut down on the cost of animation, which can be prohibitively expensive.

At Natural Front we have made the decision to be particularly focused on 3-D animation and specifically facial animation for a wide variety of reasons. Firstly, 3-D animation is becoming very popular. It has been an established genre across all manner of cinematic, film and other productions for many years, but over the last few years its reach has grown stratospherically.

Now 3-D animation studios are cropping up all over the world, and Natural Front is delighted to be able to state that its products are being utilised by animators all over the globe. To be part of this 3-D animation revolution is both exciting and inspiring.

Additionally, our team of software engineers at Natural Front are all animation fans, and thus we understand the laborious process which is facial animation. There is no doubt that 3-D facial animation is the most expensive and time consuming part of any animation. Yet it is also the most important if one is to bring a particular character to life. That's why we created our curve-controlled modelling system which makes facial animation straightforward, but delivers absolutely incredible results.

Natural Front Intuitive Pro completely removes the need for rigging, morph targets, key-framing or blend shapes. It provides a standalone software package which isn't dependent on time consuming and often irritating techniques such as motion capture or tracking. However, future releases of the software are going to support this technology, owing to feedback from our customers.

This is another key aspect of Natural Front, we engage in a constant two-way feedback loop with our customers and animators, and our developers very strongly take personal feedback into consideration when developing the Natural Front Intuitive Pro product. We're confident this is the best software package on the market for small-to-medium-sized animation studios and freelance animators, so why not try our free 30 day trial today?

The First Facial and Character Animation Tip for All Animators

clock May 14, 2014 12:23 by author christpaul

Facial animation and character animation is at the heart of the Natural Front experience. The software has been created with making these complex techniques simpler and more accessible, while sacrificing none of the quality associated with the animation.

Any professional animator knows that facial modelling in particular is extremely tricky. Even for the most experienced and gifted professional animators, facial animations can be a very time consuming process to enter into. Many animators are constantly looking for facial animation tips or facial animation advice to make this process more fluid.

One of the best and most obvious pieces of character animation advice that we can give to any would-be animator, no matter how experienced he or she is, would be to get hold of the latest iteration of the Natural Front Intuitive Pro software. This program has been developed, cultivated and built with the primary intention of making facial animation easier, and eliminating many of the most bothersome aspects of facial and character animation.

Focusing on the artistic side of facial animation instead of being tied down by a series of processes that are often extremely irritating is a very liberating experience for the professional animator, and it is one that can be delivered through the Natural Front Intuitive Pro software.

Aside from this, one of the best facial animation tips that anyone should bear in mind no matter how experienced and skilled they may be is to do appropriate research before you get started. This is the number one item of character animation advice offered by the two of the most accomplished exponents of 3D animation in the world.

Pixar’s directing animators Andrew Gordon and Robb Denovan state that just jumping straight into a particular sequence, scene or shot without doing research first is taking a risk. No actor would think of attempting to play a major part without research, and animators should view their discipline the same way.

A valuable character animation tip is to prepare yourself for work in the best way that suits your job and approach. Sketching, drawing, online research and video-based work are all valid ways of preparing yourself for facial animation. animators Andrew Gordon and Robb Denovan state that you should do whatever works for you and make it a habit.

Facial animation advice is not easy to come by, so we hope to dispatch many more tips on this blog in the coming months to help you with your 3D animation creations, and to get the most out of Natural Front Intuitive Pro.

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