All professional animators, and even many accomplished animators, know that 3D animation can be an expensive and demanding process. In every respect, it remains a labour-intensive and laborious process, even with the advent of massive computing power, which has made the technical aspect of 3D animation to be a little more manageable. But there is one thing potentially more costly that the 3D animation process itself for professional animators, and that’s having a lousy product once you’ve finished the animation process.

As if to prove the point, a recently released trailer of a forthcoming 3D film fully underlines just how even the most expensive productions can fail to deliver if the 3D animation process is insufficient for the needs of the animator.

The film in question is the motion-captured animated adaptation of Tarzan 3D, which is being made by Constantin Fims. This is a serious commercial movie, which has enlisted Twilight star Kellan Lutz to play the eponymous hero of the movie, with Spencer Locke of Detention fame taking the part of Jane.



Initial reports from the animation process of this movie did not reflect favourably on the 3D animators efforts, but one year on, and with the trailer out, some of the reaction to it has been distinctly underwhelming. And this is for a movie that has already been released in Germany and Russia, and is essentially completed. 

This just shows that you can pour a stack of cash into producing an animated movie, and still get substandard results if you don’t use the right 3D animation system. There can surely be nothing worse for the professional animator than going through all of the rigmarole which 3D animation entails, and still finding that the end product is less than ideal.

Thankfully, with Natural Front’s intuitive and innovative new approach to 3D animation, dubbed ‘Curve Controlled Modelling’, there is no need to worry about your professional animations failing to impress audiences. The approach of Natural Front to 3D character animation enables animators to confine some traditional 3D modelling techniques to the dustbin, and makes the process as fluid as possible for professional animators.

With Natural Front, traditional 3D modelling techniques such as 3D rigging, morphing targets and blending shapes can be jettisoned, as Natural Front’s cheaper, faster, unique animation technology makes 3D modelling better, quicker and cheaper. Natural Front is particularly proficient at creating 3D facial animations; notoriously the hardest and most time consuming part of 3D animation.

In summary, Natural Front enables an animator to produce the highest quality work, at the lowest possible price point, and with the minimum amount of effort. This is a package that will attract the attention of all animators, particularly as its beta status means that you can contribute to the development of the program as you utilise it.

Don’t be like the makers of Tarzan; check out Natural Front and be at the cutting edge of 3D animation today!