Whether you are an animation professional, a student or a hobbyist, you’ve probably watched a video tutorial at some point. Most of us learn best through show and tell. In fact, 65 percent of people are visual learners.

The beauty of computer animation today is that with determination and the right tools, you can learn online. There are an abundant number of resources to teach you how to use computer animation technologies and improve your animations. From novice to professional, these sites and platforms have some of the best animation tutorials to learn or brush up on your skills.


Lynda is a paid online platform that hosts videos and tutorials on a wide range of topics. They have video courses designed to help someone learn from the ground up. If you have little to no previous animation knowledge, it can be a great place to start.

The Gnomon Workshop

If you’re serious about animation, check out The Gnomon Workshop. It has an extensive library of video tutorials, organized by category or instructor. They are professional quality and free.

Animation Mentor

This may be a paid online animation school, but it has instructors from top animation studios like Dreamworks, Disney and Pixar. Animation Mentor can also be a less expensive alternative than going to a traditional college or university and has more flexible payment options. It definitely costs less than going to Calarts, with an annual tuition cost that is close to $47,000, not including room and board.  

Animation Software Websites

If you want to learn a specific animation software like Unity or Autodesk Maya, check out their websites. They each offer free video resources and tutorials to help you learn how to use the software.

NaturalFront’s YouTube

If you want to learn more about our software and Unity plugin features, check out our YouTube channel. We go over key features like one-click animation and show how to upload photos and generate 3D facial models in just a few clicks. It is useful for those that want to improve the quality of their facial animations and accelerate the process.

In general, YouTube can be a useful, free resource for animation video tutorials. However, it also has a dark side. There are so many videos on the site that it can be difficult to know which are actually worth watching. When using YouTube for animation advice, make sure that the video is recent and that the version of software they are demonstrating matches with what you plan to use for your animations.

Even experienced animators have watched a tutorial to learn about new features and technologies or brush up on their expertise. Teaching yourself a new skill can be a challenge, but there are now more resources than ever to support you. Animation tutorials can be a valuable resource whether you are a beginner or pro.