Today, everything is fast-paced. It is not enough to be masterful at what you do. You have to also be efficient and productive. There are deadlines to meet and budgets to consider. Those working in the animation industry know these pressures all too well, especially when it comes to facial animation.

Facial animation has been a long pain point for the animation industry. Animators would spend weeks to build a 3D model and even longer to add animation and lip sync audio. The entire process was inefficient and oftentimes produced unsatisfactory results. NaturalFront’s Facial Animation Software was created to address this common problem that animators face.

With NaturalFront, everything you need to create top tier animations is already built-in. Realistic 3D facial models can be created from a photo in just a few clicks. Plus, models don’t just look lifelike. The software creates virtual facial muscles that control the model and move the same way that real muscles do when we smile, laugh, cry, talk and create thousands of other facial expressions.

As animators, you not only need to have talent and industry knowledge, you need to have the right tools. The technology that you use to create your animations can make or break you.

If you are using outdated methods of facial animation, it is holding you back. Blendshapes require countless models and painstaking construction. Facial rigging is almost never accurate even after hours upon hours of manual manipulation. Expensive cameras and equipment can set you back thousands of dollars without putting you in the driver’s seat. Does what-you-see really matter at all?

So, how do you create Hollywood-level animations at a fraction of the cost and time?

There are countless tools out there that claim to make your work easier, better, faster and cheaper. How do you know which tools are the real deal and right for you? The key is to find what you see is what you get tools.

With NaturalFront Facial Animation Software, what you see is what you get. The 3D model is a virtual clone of the photo. What you see in the photo is what you get in the software.

No matter what industry you are in, you need to learn how to do your job well, but you also need to learn how to do it faster. You have to be high quality and high efficiency. You may find yourself competing with the big budget studios when you have a much lower budget and resources. However, with innovative animation technology like NaturalFront, anyone can create realistic, production level animations.


If you want to create a professional level 3D facial animation with lip syncing at a fraction of the time, download NaturalFront today.