Out with the old, in with the new!

As the year comes to a close, we’re rolling out an updated version of our Unity plugin. NaturalFront 3D Face Animation Plugin 2.1. If you haven’t used the plugin before, here is a brief overview of the top features and capabilities.

  • It simplifies the complex and labor-intensive nature of facial animations.
  • With just a single photo, it can create realistic 3D facial models in a matter of seconds.
  • Facial models are ready to animate with vertices in place and sophisticated, accurate modeling.
  • Built-in facial expressions and audio lip-syncing capabilities accelerate the animation process.

You can also find more information on the plugin in this article or watch one of our video tutorials on our YouTube channel.


The new version has all of the above benefits and more. We made a few changes to improve the performance and user experience of the plugin. Also, after growing requests, we added a Mac version. (Previously, there was only a Windows version.)

Here’s a deeper look at what’s new in the updated Windows and Mac versions:

Improved audio uploading and processing.

Matching lip movement to dialogue and audio is one of the most challenging aspects for animators. Unfortunately, when not executed precisely, it is also the easiest flaw that others will notice. The lip-syncing feature of the plugin helps animators tackle this challenge by matching up audio files to mouth shapes to create natural, accurately-timed lip movements.

The lip-syncing tool is still one of the top features for animators. However, we’ve improved the audio uploading process by changing a few aspects. First, we eliminated the dependency on loading audio. In Version 2.0, the animation heavily depended on loading audio into Unity. The new version eliminates this and makes creating 3D face animation more intuitive. Animators can create animations without relying on loading audio up into Unity.

Planning for the Future

Secondly, an undocumented change to Unity 5.4 disrupted the performance of audio waveform. We updated the plugin, so that Version 2.1 isn’t affected by or dependent on it. But, more importantly, we updated it so that not only this undocumented feature, but any others that may happen won’t impact Version 2.1. In other words, future undocumented Unity changes won’t affect the performance of the plugin audio waveform or other capabilities.

Find out how the NaturalFront 3D Face Animation Plugin 2.1 can save you from doing hours of tedious animation tasks and greatly improve your facial animations. Test out the update and download the Mac or Window versions on the Unity store today.