A recent marketing report indicates that the 3-D animation industry is to experience significant growth in the coming years. The report has been authored by Grand View Research, a U.S. based market research and consulting company, registered in the State of California and headquartered in San Francisco.

Grand View Research came to the conclusion that major industries will increasingly utilise 3-D animation in the coming years. These will include education, defence, and of course media and entertainment.

Additionally, 3-D animation is expected to particularly thrive in the newly industrialising economies of India, China and Japan. These three important Eastern nations are expected to drive 3-D animation market growth in the next few years.

While the story is one of growth, it is also one of evolution in the approach to 3-D animation. The coming years will see co-production strategies adopted by cable channel operators, TV broadcast companies, and multinational studios in order to increase market opportunities. As 3-D animations become more complex to produce as the industry develops further, collaborations between studios across international borders will become commonplace.

In such a context, the increasing use of 3-D animation software throughout the entertainment industry is almost inevitable. According to the report this will be a key animation market driver. There is also expected to be significant market growth in so-called hybrid animation; combinations of 2-D and 3-D animation techniques. This is expected to be a major trend over the next few years.

The San Francisco-based report focused on the world of animation up to 2020. And while there may be a great deal of growth in this period, it is also predicted that some truly revolutionary techniques and technologies will emerge. Among these will be the development of 4D animation technology, and propagating awareness of its potential is expected to spur adoption in the animation industry.

Meanwhile, 3-D applications will be utilised across a variety of industries, as stereoscopic 3D gaming and 3D character merchandise are among the factors expected to boost the 3-D animation market.

The report overall paints a picture of a very healthy landscape for 3-D animation, and one in which the industry both develops and becomes more diverse in nature. This will happen both at the level of technology, but also with regard to the geographical location of animation studios that are prominently involved in the industry. 

As 3-D animation grows, small and medium-inside animation studios will find it increasingly feasible to produce world-class animation using such software as Natural Front.