There is no denying that innovative technologies are improving the 3D facial animation process significantly. What once required hours and months of time can be created in a few minutes.

However, there are several animation technologies on the market. What makes NaturalFront unique?

In this blog, we’ll highlight the three top advantages of NaturalFront. (Although, you may find more when you test if for yourself.) We’ve also taken note of some features that are incredibly useful, but you may not know exist when first interacting with the software.

1. It cuts down production time immensely.

The face is probably the most intricate part of the human body. In real-life, we communicate so much through our facial expressions, and we have tens of thousands of them. Simulating that range of emotion in a computer model is incredibly difficult, if you try to recreate it manually.

Thankfully, with NaturalFront software all you need to do is upload a headshot photo and the technology generates an anatomical, ready-to-animate model for you. Within 30 to 60 seconds, you have create a 3D face, opposed to laboring for weeks on one model that is not going to be anatomically accurate.

2. It’s cost-efficient and high-quality.

Years ago, only big budget studios could afford sophisticated facial animation technologies. Today, even the little guys can create high-quality animations quickly with a small budget. For instance, the Complete version of our software will only cost you $100, and there is no limit on the number of facial models that you can create.

3. There’s no learning curve.

NaturalFront is designed to be easy-to-use. Every animator, from beginner to professional can use it. There is no training needed to get started. However, you can view our introductory software videos on our YouTube channel to get started, and we encourage users to experiment.

Anyone can use NaturalFront, but in case you miss them, here are some little-known features that you should know:  

4. It automates both modeling and animation.

Some other 3D facial software will only generate facial models. However, they lack the ability to animate within the software or you must animate completely from scratch. With NaturalFront, you have the option to do both right in the same software. (Note: A key difference between the free and complete versions of our Unity plugin is that you can only animate across a timeline in the complete version.)

5. There are an unlimited number of facial expressions available.

In all versions of our Unity Plugin, users can experiment with a wide-range of facial expressions. Beginners may want to stick with the preloaded facial expressions, in which the technology does most of the facial animation poses for you. However, more seasoned animators may want to experiment with different facial animations and create them manually. Either way, the facial models that are generated simulate an anatomically accurate human face, so the possibilities are immense.

What are some of your favorite features in NaturalFront? Feel free to share them with us, and look out for the release of our new Pro-version, which will have even more features and capabilities than the Free, Basic and Complete versions.